Sunday, September 21

Training on this coming Tuesday Compulsory

Training on this coming Tuesday is compulsory.

We might do a little of maintenance for arrows and target boards.
Everyone put in effort and book the field.
All Seniors and Junoris to be there training.

Here are the names of those who scored for the last week fufilling the 12 sets. Keep up the good job. Nevertheless, scores are not the thing that we are looking for, form is as important.

  • Billy
  • Clarene
  • Dolly
  • JiaHe
  • Kenney Leng
  • Kia How
  • Tong Ann
  • Wei Lin
  • Yao Song
  • Yi Jing
  • Nat
  • Jing Teck
  • Yikang
The rest please concentrate on your shooting and update the list .