Tuesday, October 7

Trials on Saturday & compulsory training on Sunday

Details for POLITE are finally out.

3 Categories:
  • Fita 900
  • Standard
  • Novice (not taken into consideration for challenge trophy)

*Recurve Open - FITA 900*
IKO top 16
TKO top 8
Maximum of 2 Teams per gender

*Standard - Double 30m 122cm/80cm*
IKO top 16
TKO top 8
Maximum of 2 Teams per gender
Bow restrictions as of FITA standard bow specifications. But these are not confirmed until the
invitational letter is out.

*Invitational Novice Category*
18m - 80cm
1 Round of 36 arrows Only
Maximum of 6 archers per gender
Not taken into consideration for Challenge Trophy

*Challenge Trophy*

Challenge Trophy will be split into male and female. The scores of the
top 3 archers from each category from each school will be added up and
the school with the highest score will take the challenge trophy.

Please remind your friends about this Saturday's Trials.
Standard & novice will come at 9am and start their trials at 9.30am.
Fita 900, due to the extra few rounds of shoot, will come at 8.30am and start at 9am.

Compulsory training is up on Sunday. Attendance will be taken (huifang please take note). Important people will be here, so please put up the best behavior and act normal, there is no need to over react. Everyone will meet at 9am at Zheng Hua range ( if you do not know where it is ask the seniors) Segar LRT .

"Dear archers,

There will be a COMPULSORY training this SUNDAY at ZHENGHUA RANGE.

Please report at Zhenghua Archery Range by 9am sharp.

All juniors are to report in their White training camp shirt and seniors in the Blue jersey with black bottom.

Archers are reminded to be in their best behaviour as our country's PM, Lee Hsien Long, will be passing by that area.

Happy shooting =D"