Sunday, October 5

I know some of you are still not really sure about the brace height you should be using.. I have here a rough guide from forums . But still, it would be the best if you can try and experiment the best brace height for yourself.

Changing the brace height does not affect the poundage, but it affects the power stroke. This means it affects the sight also, take note when on hot weather the string expands more and hence your arrows might drop.

For 25inch Riser
66 :20.5 ~ 23 cm
68:21.5 ~ 23.5cm
70:22.5 ~24.5cm

For 23inch Riser
66: 20 ~ 22.5cm
68:20.5 ~ 23 cm
70:21.5 ~ 23.5cm

Theses are just guide lines to follow , there isnt really a right brace height , but just make sure it falls in between there. I do sometimes go higher then the required brace height to tune and make my bow more forgiving. I personally like higher brace height, because over a long period of time, it shows that my scores are better with the higher brace height strings.

The Strings i make are according to the specs above (between the thresholds ) , also on certain strings that i make, it might seem shorter, that is to let it stretch - (applies only for certain ppl who wants to stretch it to perfect string length like Chow).

Competition is around the corner, do well and lets win this coming POLITE together , other schools have been training hard too, but there is no worries because NP Hunters are tougher.

*information taken from Archery Forum & Win&Win website.