Thursday, November 20

Dear Archers,

Now my turn, congrats to all the archers who did well for the Pol-ITE game and for those who did not really perform well during that competition, don't worry and don't give up, this is not the only competition which you will be participate. Surely there are more to come and more to win, so lets train even harder bah. ;). And thank you very much for those who helped out in running the whole event. Good job NP Archers!

And as a celebration for our winning, we will not have any training this Saturday but a game and BBQ session instead =). The BBQ will be held in a ulu ulu jungle! Excited right, for those who are afraid of mosquitoes you may like to change to track pant before the BBQ. And it is recommended to bring at least another set of clothes to change after the games session(2 sets for CJ, 10 sets for YanZhi, haha)

So please report to the field by 10am this Saturday. For any archers who wanna shoot, you may come before 10am to do some shooting.

One last thing, all archers please bring $5 for the BBQ food this Saturday. Anyone who like to bring any home-cook food to share during the BBQ may do so too. Snacks, drinks or anything also can la. =D

So see ya!

Trained hard so now PLAY HARD!!