Wednesday, December 31

Fellow Archers,

First and foremost, a very happy new year to all of you! A new year brings about new things to come, greater frontiers to pursue and futures to be determined. Every year, resolutions are being made by the many to themselves, and some others don’t give a hoot to even setting one. Since the day you’ve stepped into Archery, have you had any achievements to be proud of? I’m not sure about you, but I’ve definitely got nothing to flaunt about thus far and am regrettably putting pen to paper about my failure. A few days ago, my entire household carried out with spring cleaning and I’ve chanced upon a long lost notebook that has my goals embedded during the Adam Khoo workshop.

It was rather interesting to see it first hand what have been inscribed in that book and sad to say, I’ve achieved none. It set me pondering on the “whys” that so conveniently surfaced out of nowhere and the answer to all my queries led to one simple word, “discipline”. Christmas Eve was rather meaninglessly spent with another senior but it was on that day did I see a particular shirt that had the graffiti “PROCRASTINATOR by practice” and bought it. I’m sure that a lot of you would look at the sentence and go, “Huh?” It is very questionable indeed and the reason to getting that shirt is not because I want to dignify and portray to everyone an image that I’m living a procrastinator, but to remind myself of the procrastinator I’ve become and make the necessary changes to be out.

I have this story, well its more of a joke but here goes.. There is this man, he went to the MRT station and stood at the platform for the entire day but didn’t board the train. So the control station guy went up and asked him, why? The man replied, because whenever a train comes, the station kept asking me to stand behind the yellow line.. What I’m trying to put across here is, there are many advices out there being given and said to you, but you’ve got to be smart and take in only what’s needed, those that are right. I can crap to you a million reasons about not going for training, like we can go lan shop, go town, go here go there, but if instead you insisted and chose to go for training, perhaps you would have your day well spent, this could apply to other aspects as well.

Unfortunately for Archery, it is a very grueling and arduous process where you’ve got to make sacrifices and forgo certain commitments in order to improve. Discipline, plays a very pivotal role. The other thing is about being receptive. Whenever people scold you without a reason, you get angry.. but when they scold you with a reason, you get even angrier because they’ve hit your spot. Agreed? I’ve been reprimanded by countless people more often than not, and it isn’t the best of feelings that I’ve received.. But if you open up that narrow thinking and accept what’s being thrown at you, improvements would be immediately visible.

Change is constant, you either change for the better or for the worst.. I hope that in the new year to come, everyone present in NPArchery would make a turn for the better, to be better. Put “discipline” as your resolution and once again, wishing you all a very wonderful and strong 2009 ahead.