Tuesday, December 1

Open House 2010

Open House 2010 is coming up. It is one of the major events that is important to us. We not only get to promote our club as a whole, but also let others have a feel what archery is all about through a mini fun shoot that we will be holding. It is also a good bonding session between our club and the other clubs located around our booth.

Open House 2010 is held on the 7th (Thursday), 8th (Friday) and the 9th (Saturday) of January. There will be 2 shifts on each day.

11am to 3pm,
3pm to 6pm

Excuse letters will be given. 1 Service CCA point will be given for each session but it will be capped at 3 Service CCA points for Open House 2010. Eight helpers will be needed for each session.
First come first served basis. Report to Aven for registration, his email is a_desperad0@hotmail.com

Even if all the slots are taken up, it does not mean that we don't require your services. It would be of great help and will be appreciated.
I expect all Comm. members to help out on Saturday due to the crowd that we are expecting. It's not about how big the crowd is, it's about who's a part of the crowd.

We will be decorating our booth on 6th January(Wednesday), at the admin field. Most likely around 4pm. Venue and time to be confirmed.

PRs to get ready the photos before 1/1/10

Jin Teck