Wednesday, March 17


Part 1 of 2 of the Archery/Bowling Exchange will be this Saturday, 11am and will be held at Superbowl @ Marina Square.

Regarding your attire, everyone has to be in a polo tee... Oh, and the guys need to wear jeans, but the girls can wear shorts :D
Please bring/wear socks due to the need of bowling shoes. If you happen to have a pair at home, then you can bring those.

Now, now, don't sulk. I heard they got prizes specially for the archers okayy. Well, that's if you're the Top 3 and/or have the best pin falls. HAHAHAH. And the t-shirt will only be given on the 27th, where we will be the ones conducting Part 2.

Just so you know, food won't be provided on 20th. Only 27th!

Anyway, let's all meet at 1020am at City Hall MRT okay :D
And the whole thing should end around 1+?