Sunday, March 28

On behalf of NP Bowling:

"The 1st Ngee Ann Archery-Bowling Exchange has officially ended!

I would like to thank you all for signing up, and turning up for this fun filled event! This event wouldn’t have been a success without everyone of you!

I am very sure everyone who went down for either days of the event enjoyed themselves! Soaked in fun and the Sun...I am sure many of the bowlers who went down for the archery event went back darker than before! Hahaha!

And, I must really applaud you guys for your creativity. The pens made of arrows were just awesome and unique, even I didn’t think of it! BRILLIANT! I appreciate it! I hope you all liked the shirts and the prizes for the top bowlers from Archery.

We had an awesome lunch buffet right after prize presentation and it was awesome because we finished like almost all the food! Really glad you guys liked it!

I hope you all made new friends along the way during the course of the exchange. I did get to know more friends, have more fun and venturing into new territories. All these couldn’t be done without the help of the organizers from Archery; Yi Jing, Jin Teck and Dolly. Thank you!

Lastly, I look forward to seeing everyone again, and maybe we can have another exchange but with a completely different program. We could have other events together too! Once again, I would love to thank you all! Have a great holiday and academic year ahead."

Signing off...