Saturday, April 24

Hi everyone!

First of all, I would like to thank all of the Freshies who came to the Archery Funshoot 2010. It was a great pleasure to have you guys. I hope that all of you have learned something valuable and increased your understanding about archery. As you venture deeper into archery, you will begin to discover that archery will be able to change you better as person, both mentally and physically. I thanks all of you again for coming to our funshoot and I look forward to meet you in BAC!

Secondly , I would like you all to understand the importance of BAC. Basic Archery Course is just like taking a driving course. You need to pay for theory test, practical lessons and pass the final practical test in order for you to get a driving license and then you will allowed to drive. Just like BAC , you have to learn the theory of archery like how to maintain your equipments and practial stuff like how to shoot in an actual olympic style competition and at the end of the course , we will issue you a certificate which regconises you as a qualified archer. But do not worry , the BAC will not be tough.

We will further update you about the BAC details (time and venue) asap. Just keep checking this blog for the details or call Yi Jing at 92959051. Thank you again.