Sunday, April 18

A warm welcome to those who are new to this blog,
hope you all had fun at the CCA Fiesta.
We will be having a fun shoot on the 24th April (Saturday).

If you have not tried archery before this is a good chance to try it out and who knows you will like it even more. You can come for either one of the sessions. 9am to 12pm or 1pm to 4pm. The fun shoot will cost $4 and refreshments will be provided.
Venue will be the field located behind Blk 50.

For those who do not know the directions please feel free to contact these numbers.
Yi Jing- 92959051
Keith- 92290145

For attire wise, wear something comfortable and sporty.
IMPT, be in covered shoes.
You may want to bring along your sunblock to apply, water bottles to quench your thirst and maybe a hand towel to wipe off your sweats.

If you have any friends who wants to try out archery but missed the registration, you can still bring them along for the fun shoot. (:

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