Wednesday, May 26

Leisure Camp 2010, your perfect opportunity to bond with your new found friends and make some more new friends.

The camp will be held on the 11 - 14 June 2010, Friday to Monday. Those who happen to have CTs on the 11th... Don't worry, the check-in will only be in the evening.

Apologies, we might have left this teeny part out...
Camp fee: $15
Meheheheh :B Aiya, you all get t-shirt leh! And 2 CCA points.

Anyway, you guys will be camping in the Loft@94. Think comfy beds, air-conditioning, your own rooms, toilets that are too damn awesome (as compared to showering at the sports complex -.-), a fridge and a microwave oven :D

I understand that the camp clashes with other activities/camps, so you will simply have to make a choice. We respect your decision, you'll just miss out on our activities, that's all :) It's not too late to change your mind, simply submit your indemnity form :D

Your gain or your loss?
See you at camp, hopefully...

On behalf of the Camp Committee,
Yi Jing