Tuesday, June 29

Hey all archers,

I wanted to debrief you guys on the NUS indoor competition today but I thought coach would be doing the debriefing but since she didn't really do it and today ended pretty late, I guess I will just post what I wanted to say on the blog.

First, I would like to congratulate those who took back something. However, in Ngee Ann Archery Club, we win as one and lose as one. This time, we lost and the most badly one at that. I know a lot of you are feeling frustrated with yourself. And you guys are wondering why didn't I train harder, why didn't I shoot enough, why did I feel nervous? But this is no time to let your tears wash away your frustrations. Keep this frustration and let it motivate you guys to train harder. The competition have ended but the feeling of losing should not have disappeared so quickly. Use it. We have National Open, then Pol-ite after that and maybe the Princess Cup, SP Open, NTU Open. There are many competitions ahead of us and we shall show them that we are the best.

Be competitive even among yourself and work harder to win yourself. Silie is right, your strongest opponent is yourself because you will forever work to win yourself and after that, you would have to win yourself again. It is a never ending process. Aim to win and believe that you can win. 'Believe' is what Silie told himself when training seem longer than it is suppose to be and when he can't seem to hit the bullseye. One quote for all of you:

"Success is having the will to be who you believe you are meant to be"

So guys, work harder and come down for trainings more. When you have a problem, solve it and not just emo there. No more playing around. Is time we all woke up from this fantasy and win the competitions!

Coach always say this, don't TRY, MUST do. Archers, lets win.