Saturday, June 5


Hi everyone , Firstly ,

A friendly reminder to all of you,

Leisure camp 2010
Dates -11th of June to 14th of June
Starting Time - 6pm meet at canteen 2 (DINNER WILL BE PROVIDED)
Ending Time - 12noon on 14 june

· 5 sets of clothes
· Slippers
· Shoes (compulsory)
· Toiletries
o Toothbrush
o Toothpaste
o Body shampoo
o Shampoo
o Facial wash
· Towels
· Sun Block
· EZ-link card
· Sweater/jacket (Optional)
· Sleeping Bags (There might not be enough beds)
· Poncho or a small umbrella (In case it rain during some activities)
· Sufficient amount of cash to cover one meal (Minimum $10)
. Waterbottle
. Small bag to put your things (Optional)
. Archery equipment

*If you are bringing any laptop , PSP , or other electronic devices , bring it at your own risk as we are not responsible for any loss of items.

I hope to see many of you taking part in this event as it is a really great opportunity to know one another better and club bonding. For those who have not paid for the camp or hand up the indemnity forms , please do so on the first day of camp. And for those who are still deciding, just simply come down on 11 of June and hand up the 2 things during the camp if you are coming.

Secondly , Common Test is just 1 day away , Good luck everyone and Study hard! If you get GPA lower than 3 , you will be "rewarded" =)