Friday, June 18

To all archers,

For the juniors, it is time for you to get your own basic equipments and your own tool box. For the seniors, you probably don't have the necessary things in your tool box anymore so you will also have to buy the stuff listed below. (Note: For the seniors, just buy according to what you need in the tool box, the list is just a guide.)

Basic Equipments for the juniors

  • Quiver (2 choices shown at the end of the post)
  • String (Coach will decide what string you will use)
  • Arrow rest
  • Bow stand
  • Stringer

Get all these equipments from the coach.


  • +/- Screwdrivers
  • Allen keys (Recommended getting those with many sizes in one eg. gorilla grip)
  • Score book (Recommended to buy from coach)
  • Pen (Keep a spare if possible)
  • T-Gauge (Buy from coach)
  • Arrow puller

Tool Box

  • Lighter
  • Knife and Scissors (You can get a swiss knife if you want)
  • Nail Clipper
  • Extra nocks (Buy from coach)
  • Extra fletches (Buy from coach)
  • Extra arrow points (Buy from coach)
  • Permanent marker
  • Super glue
  • Hot melt stick
  • Pliers
  • Alcohol swipe
  • Nocking point thread (This one you can buy one and share among your self)
  • Extra add-on badminton grip (Every junior must have a badminton grip but to have extra is your choice - note that for the badminton grip, get a thinner one)
  • Spare arrow rest (Buy from coach)
  • Spare sight pin (Buy from coach)
  • Sand paper
  • 3M tape
  • Nock Turner (I think can be bought from coach)

The words in red font is a must for all juniors. The rest is optional. (If anyone is not sure what are some of the things stated in the list, you can ask any senior or ask coach to show you examples of it). Anyway, please note that some of the stuff that are compulsory in the list are the EXTRAS. Meaning that you would have to buy them for your equipments and buy them again to keep (examples would be fletches, nocks and points and arrow rest and sight pin are optional).

Please note that we will be checking your tool box after NUS Indoor Competition which is on the 26 June 2010. Meaning when school reopens, we will check your tool box. For those items you order from coach and have not come, it is understandable but for other things that can be bought from DIY shops such as 'Home Fix', 10 push-ups for every item you guys don't have for each junior. So inform your friends. Those items that don't state that you can buy from coach means that it can be found in DIY shops. Seniors are included in this also.

These 2 are the quiver choices and you can get it from coach. You can ask her for the colour choices. I am not sure how much the left one cost but it is much much cheaper than the right one which cost $80.

Freenic Quiver

X-C Quiver ($80)

This is a T-Gauge. You can buy it from coach.