Tuesday, June 1

To all archers, please read through this even if it is long, especially the juniors, it is more important that you read through this.

For all archers,

1) I hope to see all of you at the leisure camp. It is a good time to bond with the other juniors and learn more about the club. For those who have not paid for the camp, pay $15.00 to Dolly. We will be giving you a camp T-shirt and this year's shirt is pretty nice.

2) I hope that you guys will pay the coach the money you owe her for the equipments ASAP. Because she have been selling us a lot of things and we haven't paid her. The money that we owe her may very well have accumulated to $5000 or even more. So just try your best to pay her and pay to her directly.

To all juniors,

The seniors have realised that you guys seem confused about why we do certain things. It may be due to you being new to the club so you don't know how we work so now, we will tell you what you should and shouldn't do during trainings.

Okay, first thing you guys need to know is late coming. It is extremely important that you guys are punctual because we don't want to delay the training. I believe we have told you the late-coming rule which is the 15 minutes rule that Ngee Ann uses and I believe we have told you the penalty as well. But if you class ends early on Tuesday and Thursday, try to come around 4.45pm to set up your bow. Same goes for Saturday, come earlier if you live nearby. Late coming also include coming back from lunch or anything of that sort.

Second thing you guys need to know is what you should do during training. Don't slack is the basic rule. You can talk a little here and there but don't chat like it is some chilling time. When you have problems with equipment or you don't have equipment, tell your seniors and we will try our best to help you. Only when you are very sick then you can rest. Don't tell us that you have a small cold and you need to rest. As I have said on Saturday, when refilling water bottle, ask people if they want to so that you save time for the other archers and rotate which in turn save time for yourself as well. When you need the restroom, take at most 5 minutes, this goes for refilling bottles as well. The more you train, the better you get. Next time, when you have your own equipments and stuff, don't fletch your arrows or do your nocking point during training. Do it before training or at home.

Third thing would be respect. Please respect your seniors at all times. Even if you feel that a particular senior is not worthy of your respect, don't show disrespect to him. This is especially important for everyone. And trust me, I have known the people in the club for nearly a year now and some of them might be a little harsh at times or it will seem that they are aiming you for some reason but I know that they are nice people. I am not saying the fault don't lie with them but the thing is the fault might lie with you too. I don't want to see anyone showing disrespect to the seniors. If the seniors really make a mistake, we will punish him accordingly.

Fourth thing you guys need to know is team-spirit. I know you guys are new and all and it might seem very unfair that you are being punished just because someone else did something wrong. But the club goes by a 'one for all, all for one' rule and this is what strengthen your bonds. When we are punished, we all get punished. When we win, we all bask in that glory. When we punish you all, you would have realised that everyone gets punished, even the captain. No exceptions so don't slack your way through things.

Fifth thing I would like to tell you all would be about your training. I am not sure what is it about myself but I heard the coach shouting at your guys during training on Saturday. I am pretty confident that it is because you guys were not listening to instructions. The thing is, many of us realised that when we tell you something, you guys just keep quiet or you guys will just look at us with that confuse look. We do not want that. We want you guys to tell us whether you can do it or whether you understand. Just give us a response and not ignore us. It kind of drive us crazy. Don't be afraid and give us a response, maybe what you are feeling or whether you can do it or not.

One of our seniors once told us this,'Don't win a few medals and be contented with it. If you want to achieve something, aim for the best'. So guys, I hope that you guys will train harder and continue to bring glory to the school and achieve something you can be proud of.

One last thing, you guys haven't reached there yet but once you are a little more stable and start hitting the middle most of the time at shot distance, you can challenge your friends or even seniors to an IKO. This will make your training even more fun and motivate you to train harder. When you start hitting X and 10s, you will feel really great. Trust me. Okay, thats all but remember to follow what I have written. Discipline in the club is of utmost importance.