Sunday, July 25

Hello Archers,

This post will be rather detailed in addressing certain issues in the club.

Firstly, I will be stating the actions which are applicable to the $1 or $2 fines. This is rather overdued and I admit that it is my error and negligence for delaying this post.

$1 Category:

-Absence of:
-Proper Training Attire.
-Irresponsible behavior towards the CLUB's equipment, SAFETY
-Late Coming
-Spouting that Vulgarity on the Archery FIELD. (No nonsensical arguments allowed)

Reasons for late coming will be considered. Excuses such as you woke up late, miss the bus, stay too far (that includes me), emo, sian lazy will not be accepted.

(The more you deny/delay payment, I'll just refer to Coach.)

$2 Category:

-Absence of File
-Absence of Reflection Sheet

All fines are to be paid latest by the next training. If by some rare chance I dont remember or didnt note down your names, you are lucky then.


With regards to waterbottles and towels, you guys will show me automatically when you see me. I do not want to see you taking out ur bottles and towels from your bag and show me only when I ask. The very purpose we ask you for bottles is that you stay CONSTANTLY hydrated and the towel is for your convenience if you get sweaty etc. What is the point of keeping them in your bag.

From now on, bottles and towels always out. If there is no space on the chairs, put them beside your bowstand or on some grass patch NEATLY. Excuses such as the field is dirty, muddy will be immediately disregarded. YOU ARE ON A FIELD PEOPLE.

The rules have been stated clearly. However, I know that some of you think that I have some kind of immunity although I have said that I have paid my fines duely. If that is the case, Ill let you all have some say in this.If you were to catch me doing the above, you make sure I pay. You may demand me to see the money placed into that grey pouch I always bring along. I will also have until the next training to pay. You may want to take note of it.

*If no one takes note, it will be assumed that I have paid somewhere between the last training and the current training session. And I DO PAY MY FINES.

All seniors are to adhere to these rules. Worst still, if you refuse to pay, I'll just refer you to Coach.

Next, the issue of equipment payment and semester fees.

We are fortunate that Coach allow us to pay at a later date as she knows we are still students and we may not have that kind of money to pay immediately. However, we are students with responsibility and integrity.

If you want to buy stuff, make sure you are ready to compromise whatever expenditure you have. Quoted from Fullmetal Alchemist: "Equivalent Trade".

Juniors who have not paid Coach for their equipment - Chestguard, Fingertab and Armguard - I will give you one more week to pay (next Saturday). Any concerns should be directed to Coach. Seniors, if you have any outstanding payments, please clear them ASAP.

If you have financial difficulties, PLEASE tell Coach if you are buying from her and state when will you will be able to pay. Follow this protocol. All financial matters related to the club, do direct them to me. The semester fees still stand. Those who opt for installments, do pay by this tuesday or thursday.

I will be calling those who have not paid on Thursday as a gentle and final reminder. If you know your friends who have not paid, please remind them to pay. Irregardless whether you will be using your equipments or not, the fact is, you ordered it. Please do not let this trivial matter stain your morals as a person.

Okay, I have settled most of it. So guys, follow the rules above. Do pay Coach as quick as possible. We do not want to chase you. You do want to be chased by Coach and me. I respect your ability to balance responsibilities well. Be a good role model to yourself as an archer and as an individual.

Thank You.

Zulhilmi Ariff
Asst. Treasurer