Monday, July 19

Hi archers,

All those who took the time to come down on Sunday to pack the cage and cupboards, we feel your pain. Hahahah. Thanks for the effort, guys :)

So we shall change things up a little bit. Seniors who already have things in the cupboard... You can only leave your riser, limbs, arrow tube and quiver in school. That means, bring your tool boxes and sight pouches home. It takes up space and it'll probably cui the already cui-ed cupboard even more as the weight adds up.

Also, you will notice that your limbs are tied together. How you find it, is how you'll put it back. In this way, you'll be able to find your limbs easier and you don't have to ransack the entire cupboard to find the other limb.

ANYONE WHO DARES MESS IT UP... You'll answer to me.
And anyone who tries to sneak in unneccessary items into the cupboard/cage... I'm watching you.

Have a nice day :)