Thursday, July 22


This might be a delight to some, if not most, of you :D

Who wants tickets to the YOG Archery event?
YOG is already a first for Olympic history and an even bigger first for it to be held in Singapore. Hence, it is a once in a lifetime opportunity that shouldn't be missed.

SDAR will be purchasing tickets in lieu of the "Ngee Ann Supports YOG 2010", hahah. Each ticket is worth $30. Too good to be true? Duh. One archer. One ticket. One date. The entire club can only pick one date. So do you see the poll on the right...? Yeah, vote. Then the date with the most votes wins, LOL. You all have until Saturday, 2359h to cast your votes.

Details are as follows:

I highly encourage everyone to go. I wouldn't say compulsory, just highly encouraged. I think in general it'll be a good experience for everyone because it's not everyday you'll get to see an international competition on local grounds with awesome atheletes from around the world. Enough with the YouTube videos, it's time to watch them live.

As there will only be free tickets for one day, anyone else interested for other days please voice out on the tagboard then we will buy together lor... lol.

Yi Jing... is a bit high -.-