Sunday, July 4

Hi guys,

The following are the club activities for the month of July. All are compulsory. Any absenteeism must be justified with a valid reason.

10 July: Technical lesson (nocking point, bow tuning, arrow tuning, etc) @ LT51A in the morning, shooting in the afternoon

17 & 18 July: Intra club shoot
Coach will be assigning you the categories (D70, 50/30 or D30)
It will be as per competition format to give you greater exposure/experience. Juniors, Coach will be checking your equipment whereas seniors, you are expected to do it yourself.
First arrow at short distance must be shot out at 830am. This means that warm up would start before that and your bows must be set up by then.
Saturday would be ranking rounds, followed by IKO in the afternoon.
Sunday would be IKO final followed by TKO if time permits. Day 2 is expected to end by lunch.
Sets system applies for KO matches.

31 July & 1 August: Intra club shoot, same format.

Yi Jing