Saturday, July 31

Hi Juniors,

Well done to those who shot 280 and above and sucked money out of my already MONEYLESS pocket. But don't think that this score will help you win competitions. Continue working harder. Your next aim would be 330 for 30M, 80cm target face. You may think the chances are small but if the chances are small, it only means the chances aren't zero.

By the way, to the juniors who won the armguard, it won't be beiter. Coach ordered easton armguard which are the same price, so you will be getting those. HA, you can't choose the colour, just take what is given to you cause it is free stuff. You can ask coach what colour she has though.

Oh, anyway if there are any juniors who want to shoot on non-training days, you can ask on the tag board which senior is shooting so that you can go as well.