Friday, September 17

Dear Archers,

Hope you had a good time bonding at the recent camp and getting yourself ready for the upcoming POL-ITE Competition. There are a few matters which I would like to address to your club in this memo.

1. Roles and Responsibilities
Tan Jin Teck, current President of Ngee Ann Archery Club is stepping down from his position due to personal reasons. He has met me and I have accepted his resignation. Soh Yi Jing will officially take over the responsibilities of a President. She will be shouldering both role as P and VP of the club. While Yi Jing is away on attachment, Dolly will be your point of assistance in school till the new committee takes over.

I would like to remind all of you that when a role and responsibilities are given to you, regardless how demanding it is, you should see through them from the start till the end. If you meet with any difficulties along the way, you are free to speak to your President or Vice-President, or me.

When you are accorded with roles and responsibilities in the club, it means you have leadership qualities. And as leaders, it is not just wanting things through your own ways but you need to see and understand the bigger picture first and work in line with your authorities (P, VP, SDAR, Coach etc). It is tough for a start but if you are willing, it is not that difficult.

2. Club Discipline
SDAR has implemented a set of disciplinary actions on every CCA Club in NP. As long as one member of the club is caught violating the rules, the club will receive the penalty as a whole. If you have the tendency in breaking the rules, you need to be extra careful or your club will get into trouble. For more information, please find out from either Yi Jing or Dolly.

3. Trainings
All archery trainings can only be done when the session is booked through me. If you book on your own in NPAL for personal training, it is NOT ALLOWED. Please observe this rule strictly or you will get your club into trouble as per item 2 (above). All trainings must be supervised by either Coach, Captain or Vice-Captains.

Let's continue to work together to bring more achievements to your club. If you need any clarifications on the above, do feel free to contact me.

Club Advisor