Thursday, September 16

So a new set of rules set by SDAR for us to follow. There's a list of things, but the major ones have been highlighted below:

"No slippers during games/training/casual play
No vulgarities
Proper storage of club resources"

Any breach of the above will result in the following actions:

"1st time - verbal warning
2nd time - official letter of warning
3rd time - revoke use of NP facilities + funding for 2 weeks
4th time - revoke use of NP facilities + funding for 1 month
5th time - closure of club"

The five times will last for 24 months, so I'm hoping that you wouldn't even have to get a "verbal warning".

I think the main issue that we face is vulgarities. So the fine system shall be stepped up a notch or two. Different words, different pricing. Your treasurers are on the hunt for easy money. So you better watch your mouth, or wash it.

Yi Jing