Thursday, October 21

Hey Archers,


6.45am at Blk 1, bus bay. Don't be late please, or the bus will leave without you.
For those who are going to TP on your own, be there before 745am.
ALL archers are to be at TP, supporting one another. :D

Do wear your competition jerseys on both days. Black shorts (not super short ones please, it must be longer than your fingertips when you put your arms by your side) on the first day, and you can decide with your team mates what bottoms you want on the second day.

The novice and compound category will start in the morning, and the standard and recurve will start in the afternoon. For the second day, TKO will be in the morning, and IKO will be in the afternoon.

NO SLIPPERS ONCE YOU ENTER THE FIELD. so let's just all wear shoes and walk into TP lah hor. hahah. Cut down on the vulgarities too people, thank you very much.

remember to bring along your student cards too!

Lastly, check all your equipments. make sure everything's okay. Remember to mark your initials and NP on your arrows. bring your water bottles and towels as well.

Drink plenty of water, rest well and be prepared.

Let's do it.