Wednesday, October 27

Hey Ngee Ann archers , there are some slight changes to this Friday BBQ. Coach can't get a pit at her house so she asked if its okay if she organize one at her friends condominium with swimming pool? Suana? and more facilities.

But , it will be held at Tampinies . So please please give me an answer ASAP if you going. Coach is going to groceries shopping today.

Reply to 90995029 by 7pm. If you going, just reply GO , if you can't go , then reply NO GO. Simple?

I know its a little bit far , but if i were you all , i wouldn't want to disappoint Coach. She is preparing everything , and using her time to organize the BBQ for US so that we can have fun and relax after training hard for Pol-ite. So i advise all to turn up.

Please inform all you friends and give me an answer ASAP so that i can reply coach the number of people going so that she can prepare the food for us.