Saturday, November 20

Hello Archers,

Do remember to pass me your schedule for your school terms. It is prefered that you include the semester of your attachments and any overseas trips that you will be going. Please refer to your lecturers to determine when is your attachment period. Coach really wants to know.

If possble, send me your schedules by this Wednesday. I urge all archers to plan your activities ahead of time which means:

1) Inquire about camp, OIP(s) or any trips from your lecturers etc. to make a more informed decision for your schedule.

2) Plan your study and CCA responsibilities. Especially Comm. members. Study will always be first and archery is supposed to help you to better organise and carry out your school loads.

3) If you have the mindset that all this is troublesome, I ASSURE you that archery will only be an added burden to you in the long term. So pace yourself, and at least complete some of your homework (all would be AWESOME) before you begin any archery-related stuff.

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We Can Do It.

Zulhilmi Ariff