Saturday, November 20

Hey Archers,

Red Camp's on Monday. Please take note of your slots and stuff. Those who are free and willing to come down and help, drop by say hi or something also can. We can use all the help that we have.

Attire: Archery-related shirts

Keith and Ridhwan, thanks for volunteering to help bring the things over. I'll see the two of you at the cage at 9am. :D

Basically, Red camp is all about introducing the sport to the students. So, all you guys need to do is just give them a chance to shoot and guide them along the way. We'll be sharing a space with floorball, so the group of 50 people coming at one go will be split into two groups at our zone. I assume it'll be kinda chaotic, but please ensure that safety comes first.

(Program subject to change because i'm not informed of anything -.-)

Those who told me you'll be late for some reason, it's okay. The rest, please be at the atrium by 930am or 130pm. thank you very much (: Archers in the morning slot, please help to set up all the equipments and stuff, don't waste anytime. Archers in the afternoon slot, help with the unpacking of equipments and stuff and we can all go home fast.