Friday, November 12

Hi Archers,

It is to be considered a privilege that the club has been chosen to be one of the activities for Red Camp. If you didn't already know, the club has been garnering a lot of attention due to its fourth consecutive win for POL-ITE.

The roster is according to the empty slots in your timetables.
Truth be told, ALL who are free are to go down to help out. It is not a "by choice" kinda thing. The only "choice" that you are given is which slot. If everyone doesn't wanna help out and there's nobody to man the booth, there will be no human capital for AY11/12. It may not be CCA Fiesta or Open House, but it's sorta interlinked and will only cause a snowball effect. Leave a good impression on potential NP intakes and that'll mean a larger pool of potential elites next year, which will continue NP's legacy. The larger the headcount can mean a lot of things, such as a larger budget. Think people, thinkkkkk. Your actions will have repercussions in more ways than one.

I only seek your co-operation and understanding.
I've mentioned this before, you're a part of NP ARCHERY CLUB, you don't just do things that will benefit you but for the club as well.

If you have any problems, feel free to take it up with me; contactable via any mode of communication.

Yi Jing