Sunday, November 7

So can you

Dear Archers,

Here are some pictures which I will like to share with you all. :)

(Korean Primary school archers)

(30m, 80cm face)

I am not trying to demoralise you all but rather I will like to bring across to you guys that they are only a group of normal primary school archers (non-national archers), they uses the same equipments as us, alumnium arrows, probably poundage of 30+, the same 30m distance, the same 80cm target face, eat the same food(maybe more kimchi) and most importantly they are human too.

Maybe some of you might be thinking that they shoot so well because they have been training since young. They started shooting probably since 9 years old and when they are shooting like the pictures shown above, they were about 11 or 12 years old then. But what makes them shoot so well is because they train very very hard.

We are in advantage compare to these children in term of our bigger build and greater strength. So the more we should be able to do better or at least as good as them right? It is for sure if only we train as hard.

Take a look at this video:

Pardon me for the poor quality of the video as it was taken using a 2007 handphone. Now, take note of their shooting timing, their short click time and their shooting rythm. Should you guys do something to yours? :)

Anyway, Friendly Match with NTU on 27th November 2010 is a positive. However, due to our limited target boards and space, not all of you will be able to participate in this friendly. There will be 2 category: Open and Novice.

  • Open: D70m, 122cm
  • Novice: 50m, 80cm and 30m, 80cm

So I guess you guys should know what to do now.

Good shooting archers! :D


(Set up your bow at home for bow training is never an offence)