Thursday, December 23

Hello Archers,

As you all may already know, NP Archery will be participating in this year's Open House 2011. The annual Open House will be one of the largest platform for the school and US to showcase the awesomeness of Ngee Ann. We will probably be meeting potential archers who may be joining us when school reopens. Then there will be the CCA Fiesta etc etc.

We have been invited by Ngee Annto be one of the main showcase for the Sports section during the Open House. From my understanding, archery will be one of the very few sports club there other than Dragon Boat, which provides hands-on experience for those attending the open house. So, this will be a big advantage and opportunity for us to show-off our awesomeness :)))

Below will be the timeslots for the 3 days of the Open House.Everyone has to participate :)

(zoom in to view the full size)

Send me your particulars by this Sunday, 26th Dec 2010.

and dont forget about the AGM :)

Zulhilmi Ariff