Monday, December 20

Hi Archers!

I hope you are having a good time during the holidays. Do go and shoot whenever the field is booked as often as possible. Let us prepare well for the SP Open!! Other then that, keep yourself fit at home by doing the excersises we normally do during trainings and dont forget about Bow Training :)

On a more serious note, our Annual General Meeting (AGM). It is an annual event whereby we welcome the new committee members as well as showing our appreciation for the past comm. members. We will be reviewing our past achievements and setting new goals for NPArchery for the year 2011 POLITE :))

It will be held on the 29th of Dec, next Wednesday at LT79, 6-9pm. Please make yourselves available on that day and time. Also, bring $10 which will be for the buffet and the materials that were used for the gifts.

Attire will be Smart Casual

I hope to see you all there!! :)

Zulhilmi Ariff