Sunday, January 9

Hi Archers,

Firstly, I would like to thank all of you for helping out during the Open House. For those who took the pains to bring down the equipment up and down for the three days, I really appreciate your efforts guys. Everyone had fun and it was success on our part :)

Now, we have a few important matters to settle.

1) Committee members who did not attend the AGM, I require a formal photo of you (see the examples in Facebook under AGM) by 12 January. The photos are for SDAR to recognise our new committee.

2) There will be a talk on 13th January, Thursday by one of the world's legendary athletes/figure-skater Michelle Kwan.

From what I read, she has won 43 championships, 5 world championships, 8 consecutive and 9 overall U.SNational Championships and 2 Olympic medals. The event will be held at Ideawerkz Blk 23. It would certainly be an eye-opener for us.

Anyone interested can send me an sms or an email by 11 January, Tuesday.

3) The CAGE is in a horrible mess. Very soon, there will be new rules to ease the stuffiness and the unsightly mess there. Be prepared to bring some stuff home eg. bowstands, quivers.

Thats about it. SP Open is coming around the corner, so train hard guys. I am too :)

Your President :)