Tuesday, January 25

To all Archers shooting for SP-Open this Saturday, there has been a slight change in the event schedule.
Registration for all categories will start at 8A.M on both days so please around 7:30A.M.

Recurve Open and Novice category will start on the first day, 29th Saturday.
But only ranking rounds for Novice category. Novice IKO and TKO will start on the 30th, Sunday.

**Lunch (catered food) only will be provided to all Recurve Open archers on the first day (29th January 2011) and to all Standard Archers on the second day (30th January 2011). Food is not provided to Novice category on both days.

Even though novice event start at the same time as the open category, there is still no food provided.

So novice archers, please either eat something before you all come or bring your own food, I'm afraid that the canteens might not be open on Sunday.