Thursday, February 3

Happy Chinese New Year Archers!!

I hope you all are enjoying your celebrations and gatherings with your family and relatives :)
May you all be blessed with awesome luck and prosperity throughout this year.

As you all may or may not know, there will be another competition coming up this march. It will be the NTU Open 2011, 19th - 20th March. This competition can be regarded as a major one whereby it can be consided as an IVP or an Inter-varsity and Polytechnic Competition. We will be aiming to get everything there. Truth be told, it wont be an easy fight as you may have already experienced during SP open.

Train hard guys and I highly recommend that you come down and shoot whenever possible. I am aware that exams are coming soon so DO DO DO manage your time well. You can juggle training with studies if you have prioritised your responsibilities well. Let's train harder and win more (best if everything) in this year's NTU Open :)

On a side note, there will be a Sports Camp 2011 conducted for the freshmen who will be coming in this year and our club has been given the opportunity to take part in it. It will be held right after NTU Open which is on 21st March 2011.

We will be manning our booth (field) from 1pm - 5.30pm. Any archers interested to participate and help out, do fill in the spreadsheet below:

and of course cca points will be given.

I will need your replies latest by next Tuesday, 8th February so that I can send the list to the person in-charge to key in your cca points.

Once again, thank you and have a pleasant and prosperous New Year :)

Your President:)