Sunday, March 20

Congratulations to all archers for your awesome effort during the NTU Open the past weekend. Winning the Champion Cup and the individual categories reflect not only your efforts, but also how much you want to win. Coming down for training at 7am for 2 weeks is tedious, but you guys still managed to do it.

Let our victory for NTU Open serve as a reminder of our efforts and not a means to be arrogant. Be humble people :)

Now we have a new goal, Pol-ITE. Let's aim towards a better standard of shooting than what we have achieved this past weekend and progress together as one awesome club :)))
On a side note, those of you who are involved in the Sports Camp event tomorrow, report at the field by 12pm to set-up everything. We will require at least 5 bows and 5 boards. I understand that we have 8 wooden bows that is easy for the freshmen to pull.

It would be better if some bows are set-up for showcase.

These are the people who have registered for tomorrow. If anyone other archer than the one registered wants to join, please fill free to do so.

Pok Xue Ting
Ong Jun Xiong
Chow Hwee Ping
Tay Quan Jie
Denise Loh Jia Yi
Amirah Izyan Bte Hashim
Kelvin Lim Ren Da
Tan Guo Feng
Tan Boon Kuan
Chai Zhuo Ning

Please put on your best behaviour and be friendly. Do share our achievements with them :)

Once again, congrats on our win and may this be one of the many victories that is to come.

Your President :)