Tuesday, March 8

Hello Archers,

Please look at the edited list of archers for NTU Open somewhere at the bottom.

In other news, there will be new things that will be implemented for every training onwards.

1) For every 'taboo' done eg. no bottles/towels, the person is entitled to 1hour of bow-training. So if you did not bring a bottle and towel AND you're late, that will be 3 hours for you.

2) If any archer is late for training for whatever reason(s), he/she is entitled to 20 push-ups. If more than 3 archers are late, all the archers will do the 20 push ups together after training.

3) The two implementations above are excluded from the normal fines. The fines will be imposed by Hweeping. So you have to pay AND complete your entitlements :)

Since almost everyone is reluctant to pay for the use of vulgarities, it shall be replaced with 10 push-ups on-the-spot for now.

However for no. (2), do understand it is not punishment for being late, it is entitlement. The push-ups are meant to recover whatever training that you may have left out during the time you are late for training, even by a minute.

It all starts tomorrow.

Your President :)