Monday, March 7

Hi Archers,

Here are the categories and teams that you will be shooting in during NTU Open:


NP-Hades: Keith, Dominic, Guahlih
NP-Zeus: Weisiong, Kelvin, Guofeng

Individual: Haoxin


NP-Poseidon: Zul, Quanjie, Noor
NP-Chronos: Aven, Kevin, Teoyee
NP-Athena: Amirah, Xueting, Xiaohui

Individual: Ridhwan


NP-Aphrodite: Adeline, Hweeping, Denise
NP-Atlas: Zhong Wei, Sam, Junxiong

Individual: Benjamin, Weijie, Zhuoning

Compound: Weijian

From next training onwards, archers are to shoot/train at their respective distances for NTU Open. Train hard, but remember to take care of your health and drink LOTS n LOTS of water.

Your President :)