Tuesday, March 15

Hi archers,

Please do take note of the following.

Archers who are going for NTU Open please pay $25 by tomorrow. For archers who are having attachment now, please pay the fee on friday if you're going to NTU for sighter, if not pay on saturday.
And also, ALL archers, except weijie, are to pay $2 for the nocking point string.

Next is the fines.
Under $1 Category:

-Late Coming

Absence of:
-Water bottle
-Proper Training Attire. (E.g, wearing slippers to training.)

If you are late, you better make sure you pay the fine. I will be keeping track of latecomers and if i ever find out that you did not pay, you will pay double of the total amount you owe.

For water bottle and towel, i will be checking who are the people who did not bring the item after warm up.

Any archer who did not wear proper training attire for the whole training will have to pay the fine.

Equipment Payment

Archers are to pay equipment fees to coach ASAP. If possible, pay before the end of march.
Do let coach know if you are unable to pay before march.

That's about all. I hope I don't have to chase anyone for the money.