Tuesday, April 19

Appreciation to Freshmen of 2011

Greetings Freshmen of 2011,

I extend my appreciation to all of you who have given your support and have shown your interest in our club by visiting our booth during the CCA Fiesta. We are honoured to know that many of you are interested in our high-achieving club. It is our aim to ensure that every junior archer is developed not only into an archer of high calibre, but as well as a student and a leader of quality.

For those who have received our flyers, you may have already known that there will be a Fun Shoot this coming Saturday. Further details are given in the previous post. I hope to greet all of you then.

Any inquiries relating to our club or any other questions you may hav regarding school or CCA (and the points), feel free to email to us at cca_archery@connect.np.edu.sg .

Thank you once again and I hope to be able to meet you as an official archer of our club in the near future :)

Zulhilmi Ariff