Wednesday, May 4

Hello Archers!

I hope all of you are doing well. I expect the juniors to start exercising now for your own benefit.

To all the freshies out there, our registration is now closed. If you had missed the make-up session for BAC yesterday, it is most unfortunate for you. We do not wish to prolong our registration as it would interfere with our training schedules. For those who are really keen on joining, you may join us again next year. There are really no difference in benefits if you were to join in year 1 or in year 2.

In other news, there will be an interesting event that will be taking place in NP. It is called 'Run for Fund'. Basically, students or staff will have to run on treadmills. For every 1km  clocked, Ngee Ann will donate $50 to the NP Student Aid Fund. Those who run more than 2km will get a tub of  Cornery Popcorn.

Let us do our part for our fellow NP-ians! :)

Zulhilmi Ariff