Monday, June 13

 Hi all juniors!

This is a list of items mandatory for your toolbox.
  • Screw driver (Cross and Single slots) 5mm diameter
  • Allen key (in inches increment)
  • 3M Double-sided tape (thick)
  • Needle-nose / long-nose pilers
  • Superglue
  • Alcohol swabs
  • Permanent marker (Black)
  • Lighter
We will be checking your toolboxes towards the end of next week.  Please do get them ready by then. You can get these items at nearby Home Fix or hardware stores. You can check with me or the other seniors what each item look like and the rough price range.

Also when you have your own arrows, it is good to have the following too:
  • Extra arrow nocks
  • Extra arrow fletches
  • Arrow puller (rubber tire, non-slip grip, cat arrow puller)
 You can by the nocks, fletches and arrow puller from Coach.