Wednesday, June 29

Hello Archers!!

It has been awhile since I posted something. Busy Busy :"( Anyway, holidays are OVER. Which means that we shall revert to our official timings for training.

However, from now till POLITE, the field will be booked from 5-8pm EVERY TUESDAY. Training on Thursday will remain as usual. I will update you guys about any changes. Do use any free time you have and come down and shoot. Official training days are compulsory and those who are not consistent in their attendance will not be considered for the upcoming competitions. We want to see archers who work hard and win through their own efforts.

I am doing my best to get the new equipments to arrive asap. So juniors, you may have to bear with your current situation for awhile. Remember guys, archery is not all about shooting, you have to train your bodies too. :D

train train train

Zulhilmi Ariff