Saturday, June 11

Hi ArcherS!

Thank You for the memorable event today :) The curry was spicy. *random*

However, it does not change the fact that POLITE is still looming near. Do set goals for yourselves every single training. Goals that will ultimately allow you to achieve your aim for a medal in POLITE.

Do take note that, Coach can only send a fixed number of archers for each category. So Juniors, if you want to go for POLITE, you have to train hard. Like REALLY Hard. Take the opportunity during these holidays to come down and train. Sacrifices have to be made if you want to achieve something. All of your seniors have done so.

I hope to see all of you achieve the standard Ngee Ann Archery has produced thus far :)

i will update the available training days soon.

Zulhilmi Ariff