Wednesday, July 6


Dear Archers,

The time has come to pay our semester fees.

What is it you ask?

The semester fees are essential funds that NP Archery requires to upkeep its equipments such as the target boards, wooden bows, platinum arrows, miscellaneous tools (screwdriver, jig) and lots more. You might have noticed that our boards are always on the brink of falling apart. So these fees are VERY important to buy or maintain those boards to facilitate in our training.

Those of you who are currently borrowing the club's equipment, the price of the semester fees is a small sum compared to the actual price of the whole set of equipment you are using now. For those of you who are using their own equipments, the fees would GREATLY assist you in your training as mentioned above.

The semester fees:

Members: $25

I will give you guys up till this Sunday, 10 July 2011 to pass to Hwee Ping the semester fees.

For the training camp, i want EVERYONE to bring two 500ml water bottles. Please do not find any excuses of bringing 1.5 or 1litre of bottle. i want 2 of 500ml water bottles, no one is exceptional. Get it before the camp as we have something prepared for you guys. Take note that we will not be providing meals so you all have to settle it on your own. We will gather at c2 around 5.30pm, for those who do not know where is c2 its located near the sports hall.


That's all
Quan Jie