Monday, July 18

Hi Archers,

Congrats for giving your best in today's Beep Test. Let this be a gauge of your current fitness (and perseverance). However, I am not used with someone calling our club's fitness 'average'. I believe, we as NP Archers are much more capable than being called that. We are going to find a way to increase our overall fitness levels without much interference to our shooting :)

On a side note, I am aware that some of the juniors are keeping their bows in school. I STRONGLY  urge all of you especially those competing in POLITE to bring their bows home and do some bow training. Never underestimate bow training as it can improve your shooting and score too. If you feel your poundage is easy to hold, then hold it there for 10 sets of 1min or 30secs?

and archers, if you have any feedback at all regarding the training or other matters, feel free to voice it out or email us or me

we are the best, so lets train and persevere as one.

Zulhilmi Ariff