Sunday, July 3

Hi Archers,

Here is the indemnity form that you must print out and hand it in to us by TUESDAY, 5th July2011.

If you dont hand it in on time, you wont be able to stay in the loft. For those of you who were not present during Saturday's training yesterday, I would like to see all of you during the training camp. During the camp, we will be teaching all of you as much as possible on how to prepare for the upcoming competition.

If possible, we would like to teach you about other technical stuff such as making a nocking point (if there is time). This camp would probably be a gauge for you to see your level of skill as compared with other competitors. I will not tolerate any lame excuses for not coming.

And some advice, if anyone of you are experiencing some muscle cramps after training, I strongly recommend that you do some stretching until the next training. It'll help to loosen your muscles.

see you next friday!

Zulhilmi Ariff