Friday, July 29

Hi Archers


- Please be reminded to wear the new jersey (blue), BLACK shorts and shoes tomorrow.

- For those going RP on your own, please reach RP by 7.30 AM.

- For those meeting at NP for shuttle bus to RP, please report to NP Cheers (NP Bus Stop/Opposite Blk 1) at 6.30 AM.

- Archers / Friends who are not shooting can come RP at 8.00 AM to support.

- HYDRATE YOURSELF WITH LOADS OF WATER TONIGHT. When you wake up in the morning, please take a full glass of water first thing. But do not drink till bloated.

- Have a good rest tonight

- If you're still reading this after 10.00 PM tonight, please go rest now.

- Bring your water bottle and towel. Fine still apply.

- Check your equipments before sleeping and mark your arrows with "Ngee Ann Polytechnic" followed by your name.

- Bring your tools and toolbox. Make sure you have all the things and sufficient quantity.

- Remember what Coach has told you during training and apply it.

- The promise that we will not let our school, our seniors, our coach, our club, our team and ourselves down. Do your best!

- Enjoy your shooting! Only through enjoying will we win the medals!

Sam Yong