Sunday, August 21

Dear committee members,

I know it is not a good time to say this now but, COMMITTEE MEETING this coming FRIDAY! 26 of Aug at 9am as Zul will be flying off to california on Saturday , he need to leave earlier to prepare.

One Good News - 

Nicole, Clara Tan, Firdaus, and Ingrid will be representing NgeeAnn Archery Club to Thailand for YEP/Leadership Camp to do some community work for the poor children there.

Let us congratulate them for being spontaneous and helpful!! Gratz!

Another Good News-

There will be National Open Competition this coming October. It will be held on the 1st and 2nd of October. There will be a few different categories, i will update you all on that asap.
At this competition, if you win a Silver Medal, you will get Full Colours award so don't slack off after exam and train harder!

Training will resume this Saturday.

One Last Good News-

Shawn and Keith will be representing Singapore for the upcoming South East Asia Games this November!

Thank You.