Monday, August 1

Hello Archers,

Congratulations on winning NP Archery's FIFTH OVERALL CHAMPIONS FOR MEN AND WOMEN POLITE 2011.

Firstly, I am very proud of all you, both the competitors and the supporters. You guys have shown great spirit and determination during the competition. Despite the various obstacles that we faced before and during the competition, you guys took it with stride and WON LIKKA BOSS. It was both fulfilling (and some what entertaining) watching all of you doing your best.

Secondly, I want to give special thanks to the women's team for showing unwavering resilience during the 2nd day. I was rather impressed by how the junior women's team handled the pressure. Good Job!

Thirdly, for the rest of the juniors, take this competition as a good experience for you. Now you know how exciting archery can be. As I have said during BAC, "If you come to training and train hard, it will be easy to win the POLITE or any competitions." However, to those who did train hard, but did not receive your expected results Acknowledge and learn what you lacked then, and fuel it towards your training from now on. What ever you guys have felt then, all the seniors did too.

Lastly, YES, we did win the championship. YES, we did own the Men's Category and YES, we did make an awesome comeback for the Women's team. However, we could have handled our victory with more Humility. I understand the pressure you guys were in, especially the juniors. Nonetheless, it still does not justify us acting like we owned the place. I hope to see better behavior irregardless we win or lose. (but lets win okay? :)


We will shoot likka boss. We shall win likka boss.

Zulhilmi Ariff