Tuesday, August 16

Hi archers,

I hope everyone is studying for their exam. Don't forget to take a break when you are tried.

Some of you asked me when the training will resume, It will resume on next saturday (27/8/11). I know your exam just ended but as you all know the national open is just around the corner. So I expect everyone to come for training. For those archer whose exam end early next week and wish to start training you may do so. But do take note for the juniors if you want to shoot you NEED AT LEAST ONE SENIOR TO BE THERE.

For those archers going for oversea trip/OIP during the holidays, please inform me. One last reminder for those archer who haven pay their sem fee. I expect those archers who haven pay their sem fee to give to hwee ping on next training which is next saturday(27/8/11), if I found out that you haven pass to hwee ping by then you will get it from me. I don't want to hear from you all that you forgot or did not see the blog.

Thats all, study hard and if you are free do some bow training.