Tuesday, September 6

Dear archers,


The leisure camp is for you all to enjoy and relax during this holiday before school starts and our next competition. There will be games and activities with attractive prizes to be won. It is compulsory to all to attend unless you have valid reasons.(Those who try to skip the camp will get penalty.)

The camp fee will be $10 including your meals and the club T that you all will be getting.
*For those who have valid reasons and unable to attend the camp, you all will have to buy the shirt from the club for $11 as that is the actual price. It is compulsory for all archers to own at least one club T.

Reminder:  The camp will be from 18 September to 20 September. Sunday 9a.m to Tuesday 1p.m.
                  Meals will be provided throughout the camp except for day 2 lunch.


The address for the club BBQ this Friday, 9 September ,will be at MeraWoods, 136 Hillview Avenue Singapore 669598. Somewhere in Bukit Timah.

You all will have to pay $10 for the food.

Coach's friends from Korea will also be coming down to the BBQ so please behave yourself and try to greet them in Korean.

Thanks you.